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neighbors helping neighbors

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Respect Your Elderberries was created on the premise of neighbors helping neighbors. When a sick neighbor asked our community forum where they could find Elderberry Syrup, I quickly offered up a jar from my own supply. Through this, I was able to spread the word about the amazing benefits of Elderberries. Our goal is to create quality, handcrafted, and affordable holistic health products for every neighbor, near and far. You can rest easy knowing that we take the utmost care when creating our products and would never offer something that we wouldn’t give to our own children. Thank you so much for letting us into your hearts and your homes.


At Respect Your Elderberries, we’re just like one big happy family. Mainly because, we ARE family! Cassie graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor's degree in Interior design with a minor in Technology Engineering. She lives and breathes sustainable green design and also has a passion for the holistic lifestyle. Cassie is in charge of all things design for Respect Your Elderberries and owns her own firm in Austin, Texas, WhiteCurtin Design.

She lives in South Austin with her husband

and their beautiful two year old son.


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