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We get a lot of questions asking “what is elderberry” or “why should I take it?”


We want you to be informed about the decisions you’re making for the wellness of yourselves and your family so here is our short and sweet explanation of why we love Elderberries so much.

Elderberries are great for your immune system in a very specific way. Viruses are covered in tiny little spikes which they use to penetrate the cell wall, giving them the ability to replicate. The spikes also contain an enzyme that the virus uses to break down the cell wall. The active ingredients in Elderberries form a coating of sorts over these spikes, inhibiting the viruses ability to take over your body. It doesn’t stop there though! Elderberries contain high amounts of bioflavonoids which act to disarm the cell wall destructing enzyme. Take that, viruses!

Although wonderfully beneficial on their own, we like to give the Elderberries a little extra help by adding Ceylon cinnamon, rose hips (awesome source of vitamin c), ginger, clove, and raw local honey. With this power house combination, viruses don’t stand a chance!

Elderberries work against all viruses such as colds, Flu and even RSV. Make sure you have this in your arsenal and kick those viruses out!

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