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Inspired by our Shut The Cough Up Syrup, this is a super concentrated, shelf stable, and honey free version of our beloved classic syrup. Crafted with Elecampane, Wild Cherry Bark, Mullein, Marshmallow Root, Licorice Root, Umckaloabo, Elderflower, and Thyme, this item is the perfect addition to any medicine cabinet. Going somehwere? Because of their small packaging, our Cough Drops are the perfect travel companion. But don't be fooled by appearances, this product packs a punch! Each bottle contains approximately 60 child servings or 20 adult servings. 2 fluid oz.

Shut The Cough Up Drops

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  • Ingredients: Wild Cherry Bark, Mullein Leaf, Elecampane, Licorice Root, Marshmallow Root, Elderflower, Umckaloabo, Thyme.

    Contains no alcohol.


    Refrigeration not necessary.


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